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Project Description
JMC Photo Gallery is similar to Windows Live Photo Gallery and Picasa, but it is using new technologies, C# and WPF (.Net Framework 3.0). Unlike other software, this one will never change existing user files (Zero Worries and Zero Screw Up). Specialized for 10K photos and more.

100% Safe. No matter how you break this software or run features unintentionally, your files are always safe from unpredictable damages.
Multi-threaded design to load image and generate thumb images dynamically.
Multi-threaded design to resize preview images.
Unique Special Modes for massive gallery viewing.
3D Style Home Page
Movie Player with cool interactive movie previews from the PlayList.
Slide Show / Screen Saver in 4 different styles.

Special Gallery Mode
In order to speed up loading images and avoid showing unnecessary images. Following views are helpful to show you a summary of your images.

Home 3D View - Display 1 photo per folder. Grouped by the main folder that you added to the gallery.
Home 2D View - Display 1 - 5 photos per folder. (default is 1).
Collection View - Display 1 - 10 and 25% - ALL photos per folder within a grouped collection. (default is 5).
Folder View - Display ALL photos within a folder (no sub-folders).
Aside from Home 3D View, each view has their own image size that you can modify.

Other Feature Details
Slide Show features (Scatter View, Collage View, Traditional, and Center Photo styles)
Movie Player features interactive movie previews from the PlayList. (Using my UserControlMediaElementExt)

File Support
Support various image and video formats (Based on WPF specification and your installed codec).
So far, I have
.avi;.wmv;.mpeg;.mpg;.mp4;.mov (Use Shark007's CodecPack for divx, and more)

Official Site
Source Code
Please Do Not Use Source Code Section. I didn't use Issue Tracker and Source Code feature from this site. I am the only developer. Using those features are redundant for me. Source code is released along with binary release.

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